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PlumbingWestern District Plumbing is recognised as one of the most reliable and professional plumbing companies within the Sydney and Metropolitan areas. For all your plumbing needs, residential, commercial or industrial you can be confident when you call Western District Plumbing. Many people have already experienced the unique services offered by our plumbers and so they continue to call rely on us to service their plumbing requirements. You want knowledge, experience, professionalism and customer service all guaranteed, then call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262.


If you have issues with leaks, such as pipes, taps, showers or toilets then call Western District Plumbing. We can service all your leak dilemmas. We will endeavour to provide you with the most feasible and cost effective solution. We understand leaks can cause your water bills to become excessive, so the sooner your leaks are detected and rectified the better for you. If the leak is found  to be the cause of any excessive water bills, then Sydney Water may provide you with a rebate. Call on Western District Plumbing and we can assist you in this process. Finally, leaks can cause damage to surrounding furniture and fixtures, so before your leak becomes costly, call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262 for a job done right.

Pipe Problems

The discovery of a leaking pipe or the possibility of a burst pipe can be a nightmare. So why worry, call us, we can service all your pipe problems. Together with our knowledge, experience and equipment we can locate and rectify all your pipe troubles. Whether the job requires a slight repair or a complete replacement we will provide you with a fast and effective solution, so you can rest easy, your pipe problems will be solved.


For all plumbing relating to your tapware call Western District Plumbing. We are able to assist you with any maintenance needed as well as provide you with expert advice as to how to minimise any future problems. Are you considering renovating and would like to replace your taps? Then call us, we can assist you with design, purchase and installation, all backed with our assurance the job will get done right the first time.


For all your toilet plumbing requirements, installation, replacement or repair, call Western District Plumbing to have it serviced professionally. Our plumbers are experienced with all types of toilets, including "s trap toilets" and "p trap toilets", not to mention with all major brands, including Fowler, Kohler and Caroma toilets. We are able to quickly repair or fix toilet cistern leaks, replace toilet suites, install dual flush cisterns, and unblock blocked toilets. A toilet that is not working can be quite distressing whether at home or at work. The constant hum of a running cistern or a leak from the base of the toilet bowl can be frustrating. Although the leak may only be slight, it should nevertheless be fixed, and the sooner the better. Call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262 as we aim to service all your toilet plumbing needs - quickly.

Shower & Bath

Find you have excessive water on the outside of your shower recess?  Is your bath leaking and needing some attention?  Then call Western District Plumbing, we can assist with controlling any leaks associated with your shower tray or drain, or bath. Left un-repaired your shower or bath leak can eventually cause structural damage to surrounding areas. Considering replacing your current shower or update fittings then call on us, we can assist with your shower design and installation, at a competitive price. Is your bath in need of some attention?  Feel like it is time for a change? Western District Plumbing is able to provide with some expert design advice that will aim to be not only cost effective for you, but also aim to ensure your preferences are fulfilled. If you have shower and bath concerns, call Western District Plumbing today on 1300 734 262.

Noisy pipes

Faulty plumbing pipes can make an array of unpleasant sounds, such as the sound made when your washing machine turns on or off. Tired of having this problem, then call us, we can provide you with a solution to ensure you no longer have to live with this problem. Noisy pipes can also be a result of a leaking pipe, so to solve your dilemma, Western District Plumbing can utilise its electronic pipe location equipment to ensure your problems are located and rectified.

Water Filter

Considering the installation of a water filter, then call Western District Plumbing. We have installed numerous water filters across Sydney and the Metropolitan area, and are familiar with all of the leading brands.  Not sure what to do, call us, we will assist you with the design and installation as well as assist you with sourcing the right water filter to suit your home or business. Call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262 and we will provide you with our professional and expert service.

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