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New lines and repairs

Are you looking for a plumber who is qualified in installing gas to your home or business?  Do you suspect a leak, are you unsure?  Then don’t hesitate and contact Western District Plumbing today. We can provide you with the most cost effective and efficient gas installation service and repairs to current lines. Furthermore, we ensure our gas service complies with current standards and regulations, ensuring safety for your home or business. You can sleep easy when Western District Plumbing have attended to your gas needs.

GasGas Heating

Looking to reduce your energy bills, or if you are just wanting to relocate your existing gas heater. Whatever your needs for gas heating, Western District Plumbing are able to assist. We can provide you with a cost effective solution for your gas heating preferences. We have experts who can direct you with a gas heating unit suitable for your premises, home or business. Confused and don’t know what unit to purchase, ask one of our experts and we can assist by providing you with options that are most suitable to your requirements.

Hot Water

Tired of not having enough hot water to meet your family or business needs? Need to think about reducing those energy bills? Then a gas hot water unit may be your answer. Western District Plumbing can recommend a suitable unit that will provide you with sufficient hot water to meet your day to day hot water demand. Together with our knowledge of systems, we can install the right system for you. So call Western District Plumbing for your gas hot water installation on 1300 734 262.

Gas CookingGas Cooking

Looking to install a new gas stove or oven or wanting to update your current cooking facilities. Western District Plumbing can help. We have extensive experience in new and renovated kitchens and furthermore we are capable of installing new gas lines and or modifying your existing gas layout. Western District Plumbing is able to incorporate your gas cooking preferences along with your new design concept.

Gas BBQ’s/Pizza Ovens

Do you look forward to family BBQ’s but are tired of having to fill the gas bottle?  Ever had the situation you have actually run out of gas in the middle of cooking. Or maybe you would like to incorporate a new BBQ or Pizza Oven or renovate your existing facilities within your home or business.  If so, call us. Western District Plumbing has extensive experience within the installation of gas for BBQ’s and for Pizza Ovens. Furthermore we may be able to recommend and even source a product that would be most suitable to your requirements. If you are unsure or confused on what can be done, contact us on 1300 734 262 and we will provide you with our expert advice.
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