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Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and IndustrialFor all your Commercial and Industrial needs, Western District Plumbing is the one company you can count on. With extensive experience in meeting the specialised business and facilities needs of our clients, you know the right decision has been made when you call Western District Plumbing. So for any type of Commercial or Industrial plumbing call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262 and experience quality and professionalism along with competitive rates.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention For servicing and installation of all backflow valves including RPZ valves and double check valves call Western District Plumbing. We have the qualifications, equipment and experience to do the job right. We can test your valves, and furthermore if required we will lodge a report to Sydney Water annually. For any backflow plumbing service, call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262 today.

Shops/Shopping Centres

Western District Plumbing is familiar with the OH&S requirements of some major shopping centres such as Westfield Shopping Centres. Furthermore, the experience gained through previous projects means we are familiar with the requirements of Centre Management and furthermore we are able to readily adhere to their needs.  

Shopping centres require around the clock working schedules to ensure retailers businesses remain uninterrupted. Consequently, Western District Plumbing respect the time constraints that are associated with working in shopping centres, and are able to provide structured and tight project schedules to ensure maximum work output in minimum time. So for any plumbing needs, within shopping centres, large or small, call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262.


There is nothing worse for a restaurant than having a plumbing problem. Western District Plumbing understands the importance of maintaining quality and high standards. Being able to support restaurants with fast and efficient service then goes hand in hand with Western District Plumbing’s policy. Quite often, a tap in the kitchen, a blocked toilet or a dishwasher not working can make or break the functionality and hence the image and reputation of a restaurant.  If you have an issue in your restaurant call us on 1300 734 262.

If you are looking to upgrade or renovate, call us, we can assist and provide you with expert and honest advice and proceed to get the job done quickly at a minimum cost to you.


Your customers are your priority and our customers are ours.  We assure you that being able to provide fast service to meet your plumbing needs will make the difference to your business. From the kitchen to the laundry, toilets, showers and baths, your customers rely on these facilities being in good working order. If there is a problem, then call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262.

We have professional plumbers who are familiar and experienced with various commercial aspects of plumbing.

Medical Centres

The facilities within medical centres often vary. Highly sophisticated accessories can be required to meet the growing technological advancement within the medical sector. Consequently, Western District Plumbing has been involved with the establishment of some highly reputable Medical Centres, fostering all their plumbing needs. Why go to someone else, when we already know what is involved. 

Furthermore, ongoing maintenance of medical centres requires fast and efficient service. This is where Western District Plumbing can work for you. We understand your urgency as you aim to provide your patients and staff with a clean, safe and workable medical centre. So for any work on medical centres, do not hesitate, let Western District Plumbing help you, call on 1300 734 262.


Being responsible for multiple properties can be time consuming especially when there is an emergency plumbing problem. In order to make your job easier, Western District Plumbing can help. We already service some of the major real estates within the Sydney and Metropolitan areas, making us one of the most reputable maintenance companies within the Sydney region. Call us when you have a problem with your properties and we can provide you with a fast and reliable plumbing service that will have your landlords feeling at ease as their properties are taken care of. 

We will provide you with an estimate of costs, so as to ensure your customers are aware of what is involved, in addition we liaise with tenants to ensure minimum disruption to their lifestyles. So to ensure you maintain your professionalism and efficiency, call Western District Plumbing on 1300 734 262. Together we will help you to provide efficient and reliable strata maintenance.

Factory & Workshops

Time is money, and when your factory and workshop surroundings are hindering your efficiency to run smoothly, then your productivity levels drop. Your business premises need to be without any plumbing problems.  If your water and energy bills are excessive, maybe you need to revisit your premises plumbing facilities so that they are more efficient and cost effective.  If you require maintenance, we can save you the headache of trying to work things out. You can rely on us, Western District Plumbing.

We will attend to all your plumbing requirements, with minimum disruption to your daily operations. No need to shop around, we will do it right the first time, advising you the entire time on what is needed and  providing you with an estimate to your costs. Call Western District Plumbing for all your factory and workshop plumbing needs on 1300 734 262.
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